Something I Never Wanted

by The Way Away

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(free) 03:24


released February 16, 2016

All songs written, performed, and produced by The Way Away
Recorded and engineered by Jeff Engler
Additional editing by Xander Moser & Tane Graves
Mixed by Xander Moser
Mastered by Paul Leavitt
Assistant engineer in charge of having a sick beard duties performed by Kaleb Lutterman
Album artwork photo by Peter Doucette
Album artwork design by Alexis Politz
Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved
In loving memory of Ratt Damon



all rights reserved


The Way Away Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Way Away is a pop punk band from Minneapolis. No hype, no gimmicks, just some dudes making music.

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Track Name: Second Chances
This is what I'd say if I
Had the chance to say goodbye
To anyone I've caused an inconvenience
I'm sorry for the way I am
The way you'll never understand
Without me, you'll have more air you can breathe in

I'm out of breath, and time to spend on making myself choose
Between this wasted life of mine and what's best for you

What right do I have to take for granted
Something I never wanted?

Have you ever wished that you
Could end the pain that you went through
But didn't have it in you to complete it?
I'm sorry that I'll never be
That person in your memory
Someone you could trust and you believed in

I'm out of breath and ground to stand as I try to carry on
For once I thought I could be strong, but it turns out, I was wrong
Track Name: Alive
You have your scars
You wore your losses down your arms
To mark your time alone
But here's my heart
It's yours to rip and tear apart
And guide your way back home

I've spent years wishing I could be someone else
Now all I want is to be by your side
I need you even more than I hate myself
You're the only thing keeping me alive

I always thought
They'd all be better with me gone
If I'd just follow through
Then I met you
Now I cling to everything you do
You kept me hanging on
Track Name: Alone
When was the last time
That someone asked if I
If I was doing fine
Or how I've been lately?
But still I know
How the story goes
I'm better off alone
I've never answered honestly

And the truth is this
I'm just a waste of space
I know I'm just a face no one would miss

So many days, so many nights I've spent
Wondering if I could replace
Voices with silence in my mind
I can't pretend that everything will be alright
The whitest lie we tell ourselves to get through life

This is the last time
That I will try to find
To find a spark inside
Or burn myself completely
But still I know
How the story goes
It's hard to hold your own
While wearing your heart on your sleeve

When was the last time
That someone asked if I
If I was doing fine?
Track Name: Six Feet Over
Held my breath, but I'm still empty handed
Tying my own noose
There's a thread for every second chance that
I wasted on you

The first step to truth is denial
The next step is right off the edge
I'll take the fall for you
I'll take the fall just like I always do

Tipped the chair and then you left me hanging
High and dry, but I knew
This noose I wear is such a good display
Another plan to fall through

I just hope you know
The last thing on my mind
Was how you let me
Down one last time

Here lies what's left of the waste of a life
That just never could quite get it right
It's funny how much people care when you die
When inside you were never alive